Studio 1 is a rich media offering, covering everything from bespoke one of a kind photographic and video production shoots, to the capture, editing and rendering of content for online and offline platforms.

In 2010 in collaboration with the Royal Metropole Agency, we played a key part in the Coca-Cola Soccer Stars TV Series, where we created a DVD Box set by rendering RED footage and went on to build a Multi DVD box set, with interactive menus and behind the scenes content in less than 5 days.

We’ve also edited, mastered and plugged in content directly onto 1000’s of iPods for Autodesk Revit’s Architect Campaign. We've also run interview recording sessions for AUTODESK SA with their Technical Marketing Manager Heidi Hewett from America.


Studio VR is our Virtual Reality offering. With more than a decade of VR experience ranging from the real-estate market, to interactive VR walkthroughs of some of the top Tertiary Education Institutions in SA.

Product testing and placement. Unique VR experiences with an understanding that the way stories will be told, in terms of traditional film making are about to change – but only for the better.

From interactive Mono-scopic High Resolution VR, to immersive 360 degree Video VR. Studio VR is about to embark on some of its most ambitious projects to date.

Come with us and explore the great beyond.


By Dino Minuzzo posted September 11, 2016

This year a privately funded trip saw our founder embark on an Everest Base Camp Expedition alongside survivors from the Breast Health Foundation of SA.

Never before seen glimpses of one the most remote places in the world have been brought to life in VR.

They include to name but a few the Tensing Norgay Tribute Monument in Namche Bazaar, Thokla Pass at 4830m (a memorial to those souls lost on Mt. Everest itself) and Everest Base Camp at 5365m.

I want everyone, anyone, no matter the platform, technology, mobile phone or PC, to be able to see the world, possibly in a way they might never be able to explore any other way.

From the infirm and hospitalised, the aged, the young and old alike, from underpriviledged or disadvantaged backgrounds. Every school going child no matter their socia-economic background, can now have access to the wonders of this world through the power of VR. 



The BASummit taking place at the Hilton in Sandton JHB South Africa from the 12-14th September 2016.

This African Continent's first - a short glimps into the future of VR in eduction.


STUDIO VR offers a true multi-platform VR experience that works on iOS and Android, Desktop PC and MAC and requires no software Plugin. We often get asked - "so how do I find your app in the appstore?" “App! What App? Our answer, “You don’t need an app. We can demo right before your eyes content that works everywhere on any platform.


From incredibly complex high resolution mono-scopic VR for 360 degree walk through tours, to up to 4K 360 degree Video VR, we have some very interesting tools at our disposal. But more than the tools, our techniques have been developed with a decade’s worth of experimenting and production.


Google Cardboard allows you to change any mobile phone into a VR headset within minutes. Our high resolution interactive VRs are Google Cardboard ready - right out the box! This is the fastest way to "democratise" your VR content to a large scale audience effortlessly.


Developed in Conjunction with Heavyweight VR player Oculus, Samsung Gear VR content can be as simple or visually complex as time and budget allows. With bespoke QHD screens from Samsung’s latest Smartphone offerings, Mobile VR just became very immersive and very sexy.